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You have finally completed the interview you were nervous about for the last few days. You think you have fared well in it and feel satisfied about the way it went. After a few days, when you do not receive a call, you start wondering whether you were right about your feelings. You have re-run the entire event in your mind and feel confused. Research points to the fact that nearly 60% of people are clueless about their interview results. You will be surprised to hear that interviewers unintentionally convey the status of an interview. So learn to pick up the cues which foretell how your interview went.  

·         Call for the next round. This is the most obvious and definite sign that the interviewer is interested in you. Nobody wants to waste time with a candidate who is unfit for the job. So if you get a call, you are halfway there.


·         Certain questions. When they ask “How soon can you join us?” or “Can you present your last month’s salary slip?” These questions indicate that they are thinking about going forward with you.


·         Meeting the HR. In most cases the HR round is the last round of interview before you get finalized. So if you have successfully reached this round, then there are high chances of you getting the job.


·         More of listening. When you have to listen to more about the company, its products and the team atmosphere, then it means that he is trying to sell you on the business.


·         Actions speak louder than words. If you catch the other person yawning, looking at the door or watch and not really paying attention to your words, then know for sure that the interview has taken a wrong path. If you find him/her smiling, nodding and asking questions then you can hope for some development.


·         Salary expectations. ‘Depending on what phase of the interview process you're in, it could be a good thing if you're asked about salary expectations. It demonstrates that the company might be willing to invest in you.’

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