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Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 2 - 7 Yrs ,
Job Description The Incumbent would be Responsble for Production,Planning and Control,Co-Ordination with Manufacturing,Marketing and Vendors. (Exposure in Auto-Vehicle Mfg Industry is a Must) ? Desired Profile BE-Mechanical Having 6-10 Yrs Experie...
Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 2 - 6 Yrs ,
v The Manager will work with visual technology, gauge calibrations, overseeing CMM programming to make sure processes are continually improved and measuring surface profiles, capturing data to six decimal points, and using the data to make imp...
Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 4 - 12 Yrs ,
Job Description 1. Sales / Presale activities Comos or Other Plant engineering Software 2. Design of solutions, quotes & response to RFP & RFI for clients Plant setup requirements 3. Design solutions for CAD / CAM /...
Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 0 - 5 Yrs ,

All Vaccancies for freshers in plants for automobiles.

Location : All Over India Work Experience : 2 - 8 Yrs ,
QC is the standard abbreviation for quality control. A QC job can include measuring whether existing products meet a set quality standards, planning how often sampling will be performed, determining the standards by which quality will be judged an...
Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 2 - 10 Yrs ,

A plant mechanic repairs and installs industrial machinery and equipment that a company uses in operating activities or manufacturing processes. He also records repair and maintenance data for corporate machinery.

Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 2 - 8 Yrs ,
In most cases, a factory assembly line worker needs to possess a high school diploma or GED to secure a job. In more advanced fields, though, where skilled work is completed, for example working with electronics or motor vehi...
Location : All Over India Work Experience : 2 - 9 Yrs ,

Must be a minimum qualified graduate engineer in his filed, should have good past track record.  Suitable related experience from medium or large manufacturing unit is must. 

Location : All Over India Work Experience : 5 - 15 Yrs ,
The Selected individual will be supervising 4 individuals, CMM programmers and a Metrology Technician. You will be working with a wide mix of products, materials and processes measuring within very tight tolerance parts, tenths of thousandths. ...
Location : Mumbai,Pune Work Experience : 2 - 12 Yrs ,
Degree / Diploma in Engineering with 5~12 years relevant experience in HeatTreatment( Forging / Foundry / Any other Heat TreatmentShop ). Mechanical engineering degree required. Automotive OEM experience amajor plus. Must beexperienced in MS...
Location : Mumbai, Pune Work Experience : 0 - 15 Yrs ,

All jobs in manufacturing for automobiles.Vaccancies for all Automobile Professionals.

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