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Location: Mumbai,Pune
Experience : 2 - 12 Yrs
FunctionalArea: OEM Service
Job Description:

Parts specialists focus on auto parts. Customers and auto repair services have to order a great deal of parts to repair and maintain their vehicles, and parts specialists are responsible for organizing this process. They must use computers to access sophisticated computer databases of auto parts to locate the necessary parts for the customer. They also apply mathematical skills to understand measurements and dimensions of a car to know which parts will be the most suitable for a particular car.


Company Profile

Like to introduce myself, my name is Meer Salauddin and worked in Automobile industry for 22 yrs.  Shortage of Man Power always an area of concerns, being realized that there is an urgent need to build a bridge between the employers and available experienced and unemployed work force hence decided to start the placement service “Jobs Automobile” specialized in catering to Automobile industry.


PostedOn: 17 May 2012

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