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HR Mgr / Exe
Job Details

Location: Mumbai,Pune
Experience : 2 - 13 Yrs
FunctionalArea: Human Resources
Job Description:

Human resources managers are responsible for hiring employees, co-ordinating personnel policies within an organisation, and maintaining functions such as recruitment and organisation procedures.
Duties may vary depending on the place of work but they may commonly include:

  • Administering benefits and safety programmes
  • Advising dealership managers on policy matters
  • Working with employees to forecast any employment needs
  • Determining training needs and designing employee development and health and safety programmes
  • Providing all staff with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages and opportunities for progression


Company Profile

Like to introduce myself, my name is Meer Salauddin and worked in Automobile industry for 22 yrs.  Shortage of Man Power always an area of concerns, being realized that there is an urgent need to build a bridge between the employers and available experienced and unemployed work force hence decided to start the placement service “Jobs Automobile” specialized in catering to Automobile industry.


PostedOn: 24 May 2012

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